Rebuttal to the church’s stand on capital punishment


To the Editor:

It appears that our altruistic and benevolent pope and bishop are living in a make-believe fairytale world where they think even violent criminals will repent. Sadly, we live in a society where some members have no respect for life and some live under the motto of “kill, rape and control.” The greatest gift God has given to us is life. And a civilized Christian society cannot permit a violent criminal to take that precious gift of God away from us. If this violent criminal is truly sorry for his actions, he will have plenty of time to repent between the sentencing and execution.

We will let God decide whether to let him enter into his kingdom or banish him to hell. I have no problem with your exercising of your right to “turn the other cheek” as long as you do not interfere with my right to “turn my plowshares into swords.”

Bill Kortemeyer


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