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To the Editor:
In response to a number of Father Bud Grant’s recent articles, I present the following for your readers’ discernment:

Teen siblings offer insights on school massacre — Aug. 2, 2018:

“Maybe it takes young voters to cut through cynicism and fear. They, for example, connect the dots between Citizens United (money= speech) and the NRA’s influence on politicians who, like those who deny climate change do not represent the majority of Americans”

Pros and cons of the term “climate change” — June 21, 2018:


“Climate change deniers (estimated at about 30 percent of the population, higher among farmers)…”

Young vs. old, rich vs. poor, gun rights vs. gun control, climate change believers vs. climate change “deniers,” farmers vs. the majority, majority vs. minority …

Surveys indicate that people agree that climate change is a serious concern (Climate change: it’s a moral issue, not political — April 19, 2018). However, polarizing the subject matter by pitting one group against another may not be helpful in narrowing the divide. Such an ethos may have even been employed by potentially pitting Scripture against the church (The Book of Job — March 29, 2018). One is left to ponder if such rhetoric is productive or even congruent with the catechism.

Catechism of the Catholic Church — Prologue VI 24:

“Whoever teaches must become “all things to all men” (1 Cor 9:22) to win everyone to Christ…”

Remedial scholarship could be furthered by Fr. Grant sharing some specific climate change results achieved by St. Ambrose University through the university’s responsive installation of solar panels, wind mills, replacement of inefficient windows/doors, geothermal heating/ cooling, temperature control measures, etc. It may be possible that St. Ambrose, by virtue of example, could serve as a Climate Healer by working with local Davenport businesses to produce both productive climate dialogue and results.

Brian McDonald

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