Creation debate; Bible offers solutions for scientists


To the editor:

Nearly everyone has heard about the endless debate of science vs. religion. Many scientists state that there is no place for religion and that they can not be complementary. With that in mind, I am rather surprised that the media of the Judeo-Christian community and that of the Muslim community have not reported that the subject debate is essentially over and that there never was a conflict after all.

Really? Yes! How can the claim be made? The answer may be gleaned from a recent special issue of Scientific American, entitled “Cosmic Dawn.” Here are the events that end the debate. Lots of literature claims that our universe started with a big bang. Then, they report that for some unknown reason there was total darkness. Presently, the scientists are working to figure out how or why light suddenly appeared. Guess what, most of us have read the answer, the reason that light appeared. It’s already in print. Where? The Bible!

Pick up your Bible and open it up to Genesis 1 and read the first five verses. There are the answers. God told how it all started, and now our scientists have worked their way all the way to page one.


Conflict still exists. I heard agnostic Bill Nye “The Science Guy” speaking on television a few days ago to a young child, suggesting that she should consider a life of science and that astronomers are searching for another earth. If found, it will cause a lot of reconsiderations of a lot of things. I guess that he may not be up to speed on the latest report, or is it that he and his cohorts are not as well read as we think.

James C. Schaefer

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