Catholic institutions: Keep the faith


To the Editor:
How fitting this is the Year of Faith. We have been called to grow in knowledge and love of our Catholic faith and to share it with others. This is especially important this election year. We have been told by numerous members of the Church’s hierarchy to think and pray to form our consciences before voting to avoid promoting intrinsic evil. Excellent guidance for any situation, for anyone; and one, I believe, Father Bud Grant (a theology professor at St. Ambrose University in Davenport) should have included in his answer to his student about how one should vote.
St. Ambrose, as a Catholic university, and Fr. Grant, as a Catholic priest, teaching at  a Catholic university, have an enormous responsibility to foster the knowledge and love of the Catholic faith and to share it with young adults, most who are voting for the first time.
St. Ambrose and Fr. Grant highly promote social justice and environmental ethics in the name of Catholicism; however, the fostering of knowledge and love of the Catholic faith to undergraduates, I fear, may get lost in the academia science intellect. Logic and reason are repulsed by mystery and mysteries make up the cornerstone of our faith.
During this Year of Faith, it is my hope that all institutions identified as Catholic rediscover, renew and embrace the faith, especially those who educate our future generations. The unity of these institutions, as well as individual Catholics in the faith will determine the future of our country and the fate of our culture’s soul — no matter the outcome of the election. Think and pray.
Michele Browne

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