Letters to the Editor – May 16, 2024


Women in the Church
To the Editor,
I would like to comment on Keith Soko’s letter from the April 25 Catholic Messenger. Mr. Soko is comparing women’s sports to deacons and priests in the Catholic Church. It is like comparing apples to oranges; they are two very different entities. I do not believe women should become priests. Jesus instituted the priesthood for his apostles and disciples. Let the men do what Jesus wanted.
On the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, we celebrate her as a doctor of the Church. Let women continue to be intellectual leaders in their own right and not wait or yearn for priesthood. Let’s all become recognized as the saints we are, and God will continue to rule his Church.
Donna Jean Knickrehm

Join Boy Scouts of America
To the Editor:
All Catholic youth should be encouraged to join Boy Scouts of America. For one reason, scouting provides a great form of youth ministry because one of the points of the scout law is “A Scout is Reverent.” The other reason is that Catholic Scouting has a religious emblem program to help youth learn more and grow in their faith.
Luke Tatti

Parishioner with different abilities is welcome
To the Editor:
I must respond to your column in today’s Catholic Messenger (5/9/2024) about your embarrassment over things Colin says or does. I know this is personal, but I cannot help it. Everyone who knows Colin loves him. I’ve known Colin since he was a little guy and told our then-pastor that he looks like Governor Terry Branstad! I thoroughly enjoy any conversation I have with your son. He is the perfect Colin, and if he wants to stand up to look for a train during Mass, he certainly is not insulting God! Colin is one of the constants at our parish. Colin doesn’t change; neither does Jesus. Colin is welcome, and I think he feels he belongs!
Madelyn Phares

Study the issues and VOTE
To the Editor:
Being Catholic today demands standing with or against a number of political positions. The list includes immigration, climate change, the death penalty, abortion, rates of income tax, Medicare for all, childcare funding, sales tax rates and more.
Ultimately, these issues will be settled by legislation at the state or federal level. Our obligation as a Catholic is to study the issues and VOTE. Some guidance can be found from the U.S. bishops. Ultimately, the obligation is ours and in my view, it is among the most serious obligations we have. Vatican Council II says, “all citizens ought to be aware of their right and duty to promote the common good by casting their votes.”
Donald J. Moeller
Professor Emeritus, St. Ambrose University


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