Racism is a complex issue


To the Editor:

I found Mr. Steven Young’s letter to the editor (Aug. 19 publication) concerning racism informative and I am challenged to check out the works of some of those he listed. There are two things he stated to which I take exception.

First, I do not consider that humans are inherently sinful or inherently good. We are made in the image and likeness of God (the source of all good) so we have the goodness of God within us. That good and gracious God also gave us a gift of free will and sadly we often lose touch with God’s goodness within us and we choose to sin. We hold the opportunity for both. Our challenge is to live more fully into the goodness of God within us.

Secondly, since the 13th Amendment (and even its wording allowed the means to continue to oppress), there have been numerous laws and policies that have continued to oppress people of color and continue today in many new state voting laws. That is systemic!


While the works of Sowell, Williams, Elder and Riley may offer effective means to reduce inequalities, we must own and name the realities of the past and present or we are sure to repeat and/or continue them. Racism is a complex issue that deserves to be addressed honestly and creatively in all the ways that will bring about a more equitable outcome for all peoples.

JoAnn Snodgrass
Prince of Peace Parish

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