Be part of the solution


To the Editor:

Another school shooting.  When will it stop? When we have more gun control? More mental health care? How about when we each take responsibility for how we treat one another?

A common theme in school shootings seems to be that the shooter was ostracized or bullied or rejected. No, that does not justify shooting someone. Yes, the final responsibility lies with the shooter. No, the solution is not simple. But we can be part of the solution by being kind to one another, by speaking up when others are not kind, by not dismissing words or actions as just kids being kids or joking around, by not saying kids just need to have thicker skin. Yes, we need to equip kids with the tools to handle the ups and downs of life. We also need to teach them to be kind to one another, to admit when they are not, and to learn that we are all different but worthy in God’s eyes.

Julie Zude


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