Hearing the cry of a child


To the Editor:
We were all moved by the plight of the little 18 month old “Lily” who was strapped in her car seat in a car that was upside down in a river in Utah for 14 hours. Her mother was killed in this terrible accident. A fisherman discovered the wreck and firemen were notified. The five heroic firemen claim they each heard a voice in their heads pleading for “help.” Within minutes after turning the car over they rescued the baby and she was on her way to the hospital and recovery. We were all thrilled!
Whose voice was calling to them? Who is Lily’s guardian angel? It certainly was a spiritual being — a little miracle that most certainly touched the hearts of those firemen!
If only expectant mothers could hear the cry of the babies in their wombs pleading with them to let them be born! They have so much love to share! They are just as anxious to meet their moms and dads as the parents should be to meet them. They would tell you they are a real person waiting to give hugs to loved ones. They want to run and laugh and play and smell the flowers.
And to the abortion doctors they would plead with them to honor their Hippocratic Oath as doctors to save lives — not to kill anyone. That is not their right; it never was nor ever will be.
Just think what a wonderful world this would be if all the 55 million aborted babies had been saved.
Ruth Weber


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