Jesus challenged the status quo


To the Editor:
I cannot for the life of me understand why any of us Catholics would have a problem with social justice and the hardworking advocates changing lives for the better here in our community. Whether it’s help to the immigrant or job advocacy for the underemployed, why would any of us question the validity behind living the gospel of Christ?
Jesus challenged the status quo. He challenged those in his day holding others back, those who were oppressing others, those using politics to run against sons and daughters of God. Time has passed and we are still carrying on the work of Christ. He has us here in this life to carry his message. From conception to the grave, we are to advocate LIFE, the existence God gives us.
Does anything along this spectrum have more value than another? Does an issue affecting elderly and middle-age survival have less value than an unborn baby? Are they equally valued in the name of life no matter where this life exists on a timeline?
We are dissenting against each other for strange reasons regarding social action. We are called to advocate for underprivileged, the people without a voice when decisions are made.
When a person is hungry and thirsty, we give them food and drink. This is good. When a person wants to work beyond dependence on others for food and drink, this is good.
Why would we slander our fellow Catholics in their efforts to advocate for life-sustaining opportunities? If Pope Francis were in the room, would we talk ill of others making community change to benefit the underprivileged?
Julie Davenport

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