Healings do happen


To the Editor:

In the Question Corner of the May 15 Messenger, someone from Ohio asked, “Why don’t we see many healings today?” I must reply.

In our diocese here we do have many healings. Go to the healing Masses wherever they are offered and you will see them or hear testimonies of healings. There are prayer groups where healings happen.

God does indeed heal us when we ask in prayer. I have had several healings through the prayers of others. The first and most life-changing was the healing of memories I experienced through the prayers of then-Father Marvin Mottet and Sister Mary John Beyers in 1977. At that time my life was so depressing that I dreaded facing each new day, and I found no joy to brighten my life. Through their prayers I felt that Jesus did indeed love me personally and intimately, and that conviction has never left me. My life turned around 100 percent.


In 1981 at a meeting of our little prayer group in Fairfield, I asked for prayers for my legs. One leg had been broken years before and when it healed it grew longer than the other which caused constant backache for me. Howard Mondloch, the leader of our prayer group, held my two feet in his hands and prayed over them. As he prayed, the shorter leg lengthened as we watched, and it became equal in length to the other. It was most astounding. I would not have believed such a thing could happen. And I never had backaches again.

Later in the 1980s Father Tom Spiegel celebrated healing masses monthly at St. Alphonsus in Mount Pleasant, which I attended, taking others with me. At one of those Masses Fr. Tom laid hands on my head and prayed for my eyes. At the time I had the beginning of a detached retina. Through his prayers it was totally healed, as verified by my ophthalmologist.

I have had other healings through the years: the disappearance of fibroid tumors from my uterus, and the marvelous healing of my shoulders after having both replaced with prosthesis. The surgeon said my range of motion is far beyond normal expectations for shoulder replacements.

For those healings and more, I thank God and praise Him for His goodness to us. Go to a healing Mass wherever it is offered and you will hear accounts of many other wonderful healings. God is good!

Teresa Mottet

Fairfield, Iowa

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