Stewardship is deepened by prayer


Being a prayerful person is a characteristic of a person who strives to live a life of stewardship. Prayer is raising our minds and our hearts to God. (Catechism of the Catholic Church)
Having a relationship with someone calls for conversation. Prayer is conversation with God. We can pray in a more formal way by participating in Mass and saying prayers we have memorized. But conversation is two-way.  We must also listen to God.  Listening requires that we be quiet and reflect on God’s Word and action in our lives.
Stewardship means living a conscious, committed life in Christ. If we are going to be serious about living a life of stewardship, a first step is to make a conscious commitment to a life of prayer. We deepen our relationship with a friend by spending time with that friend. We must do the same with God. Prayer deepens our relationship with God.
Begin to live your life of stewardship by committing to daily prayer. This might be one minute down on your knees at the side of your bed each morning. It might be quiet time as you drive to work. It might be signing up at a local parish for an hour of adoration. Just make an effort to begin and check our future columns on stewardship as a way of life.
— Diocesan Stewardship Commission

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