Cut the fog of ignorance


By Frank Wessling

It’s been interesting to learn that the gun lobby in this country fears information. Thanks to the furor in recent weeks over mass murder and the gun trade, we now know that debate about guns, gun deaths and the gun trade itself is generally based on ignorance. Why? Because we have laws and regulations against good information in that field.
In 1996 the National Rifle Association and its allies in Congress had the budget of the Centers for Disease Control cut so that no money remained available for gun research. At the same time, the CDC was told specifically that no part of its funding could be used “to advocate or promote gun control.”

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1 thought on “Cut the fog of ignorance

  1. Trying to negate or nullify the 2nd amendment is just another ruse of the present administration to deprive American citizens of their gun rights. Gun control, as the liberals would have, is nothing more than additional government interference in private lives. Criminals do not register their weapons! Confisicating guns from the citizenry, which is what all this will eventually lead to, will leave weapons in the hands of the criminals. The universal background check is another way to reinforce the government’s eventual confiscation agenda. Can you not look at history and see what has happend to countries where guns were forcibly taken from the citizenry; take a look at pre-WW II Europe as one example. The twisted and skewed facts that are used by the anti-gun people in order to fire up the hysteria in this country are despicable.

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