Keep guns away from criminals


To the Editor:
Re: Your editorial: Must guns always win?
You are right — get rid of the angry, psychotic vengeful American and blast away movies and digital so-called games.
St. Francis of Assisi preached living peace. The crazies of today are not concerned about peace, passive resistance, or Christians. They do not care whether you are a man, woman, child or innocent bystander. Passive resistance to them is neither recognized nor understood.
Why punish the good people? Take the guns away from the criminals and the crazies. More restrictive gun laws have not done this.
England has banned and collected guns. With no way for the people to defend themselves, England is experiencing a huge increase in crime.
Police cannot be everywhere all the time. A right-to-carry person could have stopped the man in Colorado early on, saving many lives and injuries. Not everyone can get a right-to-carry permit. You go through a background check every year. No felons, no violent people, no abusers.
Every state which has enacted a right-to-carry concealed weapons law has had a decrease in violent crime.
If you want to stop the gun violence, it is simple. Design a law that takes guns away from criminals and crazies. Every law-abiding gun owner and the NRA will back it 100 percent. This is the only answer.
Tom Thomas
West Chester, Iowa
Member of St. Joseph Parish, Wellman

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