Letter on women in Church was disturbing


I found the recent letter (9/22/11 Catholic Messenger) from Mr. William Grothus quite disturbing. 

His convoluted logic went like this: because Jesus did not choose women as his disciples the Church can never ordain women to the priesthood. Yet he went on to argue that the Church has sufficient reason to justify overruling Jesus’ personal choice of selecting married men for ordination.

In other words, he supports the Church saying or using about any excuse to justify what the good old single men in charge decide to enforce on us. It’s as if the Church should only change operational rules when it doesn’t upset ancient male domination prejudices.

What is most disturbing however is Mr. Grothus’ demonizing of those who dare disagree. In his letter he said, “Maybe, just maybe, this is NOT the nudging of the Holy Spirit but someone from the dark side.” What someone from the dark side? Who in the heck is he talking about?  


I resent his implication that my prayers for justice in the Church are being manipulated by “someone from the dark side.”

Larry d’Autremont


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