It is Church’s duty to voice the truth


This is in response to some recent letters about the Iowa Catholic Conference’s call for a constitutional convention to address a marriage amendment. 

These letters argue that it is somehow wrong for the Catholic conference to take this position. The charges are made that it is hurtful to certain people and/or improper for the Church to promote its understanding of marriage in the public square.

To the contrary, it is the Church’s duty to defend the truth about the human person. This truth applies to all people, not just Catholics. It would be hurtful to everyone if there were not someone out there defending the truth.

When we defend or promote the Church’s teachings, it is important to do so with love and the understanding that we are all sinners in need of redemption. The other side of this political debate far too often labels opposition to their position as “hate speech.” The debate over social issues can be full of heated rhetoric, but it is simply unfair to equate the Church’s teachings on marriage (or other issues) with misguided hate.


Even if a convention is called, is it unclear how a marriage amendment would fare. Since the amendment has so far failed to pass in the legislature, a convention is the only other option to bring this issue to the voters. The Iowa Catholic Conference will likely support or oppose other proposals from a convention when it is appropriate, just as they do with proposals in the legislature. It is the Church’s right and its responsibility to voice its views in the public square. It is our duty as faithful citizens to listen to the Church and to use sound moral judgment when voting.

Philip Kopp

Iowa City

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