Show reverence for Jesus in Eucharist


What has happened to our reverence for Jesus at Mass, in the way we dress and in the condition of our souls as we approach the altar of our God?

Reverence is having deep feelings of love and respect. Jesus is truly present in the transformed bread. The church is a temple where Jesus is present in body. Do we show respect for Jesus when we go to church wearing shorts, blue jeans, short dresses, or blouses with revealing necklines?

When we approach the altar to receive the Body of Christ what condition is our soul in? How long has it been since our last confession? If it has been years, does that show we respect and care for Jesus? At Fatima, Mary, the mother of Jesus, said she wants us to go to confession at least once a month. Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa went to confession daily.

When taken seriously the sacrament of reconciliation is truly a sacrament of healing. I believe showing we love and respect God by dressing in a modest way for Mass, and going to confession at least once a month will help us become aware of the true presence of Jesus in the holy Eucharist and help us become stronger Christians. Also, when we receive the sacred body of Jesus in our hand we need to be sure there is no small particle of it left in our hand. If there is, we must consume it so that the sacred body of Jesus does not fall to the floor.


Bishops and priests, we desperately need you to teach the people you shepherd love and reverence for Jesus. We either believe Jesus is truly present in the holy Eucharist or we don’t.

Gail Devereaux


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