Adoration furthers spiritual growth


I am writing to you as a spiritual director and as someone who is on her own personal journey. Several of my “directees” have expressed their displeasure with Father Richard McBrien’s column on eucharistic adoration. 

When I read his opinion, I was saddened by his obvious lack of love and respect for our Lord in the Eucharist. His personal views do not reflect in any way the teachings of the church and could be discouraging for anyone who is just beginning to desire and seek more in their devotional life within the church.

I encourage Catholics to find the devotions that fulfill them within their own faith background and certainly eucharistic adoration is one of those devotions. I recently attended a conference in Mundelein, Ill., where more than 125 priests gathered along with a few lay people who minister within the church. Adoration was a daily part of the conference. Not only that, but we were all encouraged to promote the sacraments and “time with Jesus” as a means to bring healing to the wounded people we encounter each day. 

How sad it is that someone who has the ability to influence Catholic people to enhance their spiritual growth has done just the opposite.  


I am strongly suggesting that The Catholic Messenger replace Fr. McBrien with another columnist who brings life and light into the teachings of the church and encourages spiritual growth and devotions rather than negating them.

Marcia Moore,

MSEd., cjm, A

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