Some consider evil of abortion good


It is truly a time when evil is good and good is evil.

When one says that a woman has a “right to choose” and this implies killing her child in the womb, this killing is considered good.

Good words reflect evil. “Right to choose” is evil today even though it reflects the free will that God has given us. We all have a “right to choose,” but if you advocate the “right to choose” to reflect the killing of a child in the womb then you should be honest and finish the statement! You should say a woman has the “right to choose to kill her child.”

When a woman says that abortion and contraception will bring our economy back, this is evil and definitely wrong. If that is the case, then the National Education Association is evil as they gave $50 million to have an abortion-president elected. That is interesting as 50 million is the number of aborted babies in the United States alone. Is this the way to reduce class size?


Evil is alive and well in the United States. Our words, thoughts and laws reflect this evil and more are coming. And that is good?

William Grothus



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