EWTN column draws ire


To the Editor:

Associate Professor Keith Soko (Jan. 29 issue — “EWTN offers an outdated view of the church”) has apparently not read the Vatican II documents. Articles 36 and 47 say that the vernacular “may” be used in “some” instances, but that the “Latin should be retained,” and it never mentions the priest facing the people. The so-called “spirit” of Vatican II does not reflect the written word. It appears to us that the numbers of priests and nuns only started to dwindle after Vatican II.  Orders of nuns sporting habits are increasing.

We, and groups of lay men and women in seven cities of this diocese, have, through personal sacrifice and love for the Catholic Church, initiated and are operating Catholic radio stations to evangelize and bring more people into the spiritual truth and fulfillment of Catholic teaching. We can personally attest that, from the feedback we receive, people in our area are responding to that call, attending RCIA and returning to the faith.

Availability of Catholic radio and TV are a result of the generosity and foresight of a simple, cloistered nun by the name of Mother Angelica. There is no charge  — no charge — to anyone wanting to broadcast EWTN on radio or TV, including cable companies. 


EWTN is an excellent teaching tool, as a person would only have to watch or listen for one hour per day for nine days to receive the equivalent of one year of teaching they might receive from Sunday homilies. All of the teaching on EWTN is in accord with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which includes Vatican II.

We believe that our bishop, his diocesan paper, our Catholic schools and universities and our parish priests ought to be encouraging these efforts.

Elmer and Annette Pollpeter

KCDM-LP Burlington

To the Editor:

I am shocked that the paper printed Mr. Soko’s article (Jan. 29 edition, The Catholic Messenger). EWTN is fully in harmony with Vatican II. I wonder what shows he has watched. The points he makes contradict his own opinion. The “outdated” church that EWTN represents to Mr. Soko was started by a woman, run by lay persons, many shows by laypersons. As for “asking Father” for advice, I cannot think of a better person to go to for advice on my faith than someone who has devoted his life to studying our faith and spends a good part of his day praying. 

I first was angry with the article, but upon reading it again I now feel very sorry for Mr. Soko. I have added him to my prayers and hope that he is led by the Holy Spirit to realize that the truth is not subject to changes in history or cultural norms.

Andi Tatti


To the Editor:

I feel I must defend EWTN after reading Keith Soko’s  disparaging comments. EWTN is doing what no other Catholic entity has succeeded in doing: bringing Catholic television programming into the home. I do not feel that pre-Vatican II theology is being shoved down my throat by EWTN. And if I did, I would just select a different channel, rather than belittle the entire network in the pages of the Messenger.

Madelyn Phares


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