Letters to the Editor – Nov. 23, 2023


Ambiguity leads to  confusion

To the Editor:

In my opinion, the various letters to the editor these past weeks seem to indicate that the diocesan “Guidelines for Pastoral Accompaniment of Sexual and Gender Minorities” have caused confusion. When compared to other dioceses, our document is ambiguous and loosely addresses the Church’s teaching on human sexuality.

The Church has a well-developed understanding of human sexuality. Why wasn’t that treasury included in the document? The Church also has the authority to teach the truth, so why not exercise it charitably through policy?  It seems to leave too much room for heterodox interpretation.


Ambiguity leads to more confusion and circular dialogue rooted in false dichotomies, subjectivism and distorted notions of pastoral charity. My greatest concern is that ambiguity can scandalize the faithful. Authentic dialogue in the Church can only take place when we are firmly rooted in the truth of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.

Morgan Davis, director of Faith Formation & Evangelization
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Bettendorf


Ministry of all
To the Editor:

In response to the article Ministry on the Margins, Nov. 16, there was good advice that is applicable to anyone in our eucharistic community. For instance, presenter David Palmieri says, “…they exist like all of us in the one body of Christ.” Further direction of how to approach others was provided by Dr. Julia Sadusky who states, “As Catholics, to honor the point of concern of another person is a way of being an ambassador, being part of the community…”

The Nov. 16 article then detailed responses to these presenters. An example is Angela Olson, head of school for Regina Catholic Education Center in Iowa City, stating, “As Catholic leaders, we must ensure every person feels loved.”

These are all sound advice that as Catholics we need to practice towards one another.

It would be easy for me as a gay man to dismiss those who discriminate against LGBTQ Catholics as unworthy Catholics. Yet, labeling people as bigots and dismissing them isn’t a Catholic approach. LGBTQ Catholics must pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit. We need to listen, to treat the person with dignity and be the ambassador, to bring them further into the eucharistic community.

We all should join in the journey of listening to each other.

John Clayton

A beautiful reminder

“I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” — Galatians 2:20

The summer heat is a distant memory and the brilliant colors of fall that appeared as a blazing fire across the beautiful landscape of Iowa are fading into memory as well. Biologists tell us that the brilliant colors of fall are present even when the leaves are green but remain hidden, like a buried treasure. The colors come alive when the trees slowly and gradually go into dormancy for the winter and, as we are witnessing now, the leaves wither and die. 

What a beautiful reminder this is for everyone who follows Christ. When we offer ourselves as living sacrifices for others, the risen Lord lives through our acts of charity and kindness, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. When a husband and wife live sacrificial lives and are open to the gift of children, Christ lives through us. When parents get up at night to check on a sick or crying child, Christ lives through us. When a young man chooses the vocation of the priesthood, Christ lives through us. When an 18-year-old man or woman volunteers for military service or works as police officer or firefighter, Christ lives through us. When a nurse or doctor cares for the sick or dying, Christ lives through us. Unlike the leaves of autumn that are glorious for a few fleeting days, the glory we share in Christ’s resurrection will last for eternity. When we live sacramental and sacrificial lives, the Church and the world will be born again through the resurrection of Jesus our Lord.

Mike Gannon
St. Thomas More Parish, Coralville

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