Letter to the Editor: Let’s imagine ‘peace’


To the Editor:
Thank you for two very important pieces in the April 13 issue of The Catholic Messenger.

The one calling for more gun control talked about recent mass killings, which have become commonplace. The editorial on St. John XXIII’s encyclical “Pacem in Terris” explained a lot about a culture of peace.

Both of these pieces are excellent reminders that we must do more to understand why we are living in a time of so much violence. I propose that a big part of this is “example.”

As a country, we are the world’s leading supplier of weapons. Our huge military budget gets priority over the common welfare.  In today’s world, countries have many methods to employ in pursuit of their goals: cyberwarfare, coups and sanctions for example, which involve violence in many forms. The computer age also provides opportunities for conversations laced with harsh criticism and misinformation. People get incessant messages from a variety of sources to incite fear of enemies. So violence has become more prevalent even in daily life.


As Church, I propose we start a new conversation. Let’s imagine “peace” and tell all the proponents of violent solutions that safety doesn’t come from a gun or progress from a war. Let’s be the example that the world needs.

Sally McMillan
 Iowa City 

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