Constitutional guaranteed safety


To the Editor:

Any discussion about guns needs to address the morality of our actual situation. My view:

Having 400 million guns in the hands of private citizens shows how disoriented our morality has become and how our constitutional right to safety is being undermined. Most understand the fun and usefulness of hunting. My friends who own guns to protect their home and family want regulations to keep guns out of the hands of “crazies.” Putting guns in so many hands and allowing concealed carry means exactly what we see: daily killings over minor issues or no issue at all. Our situation is clearly evil and gravely immoral.

More guns means more murders and more suicides.


Gun morality means my rights must be balanced by and subservient to my responsibilities. The Common Good and life must be served first. Gun safety laws need to be strengthened, not forbidden. The obvious next steps are:

1. Registration of every gun with a license and a fee required to own one.

2. Background check for every gun sale with safety instructions required.

3. Law to require immediate report of any gun theft.

4. Penalties for the owner of an unreported stolen gun used in a crime.

5. Serious added penalties for crimes committed using a gun.

6. The right to sue gun makers for their weapons used to commit mass murders.

Gun morality should help guide our voting. The Second Amendment was written so states could protect themselves against revolutionaries and to allow the southern states to protect themselves against an end to slavery by a possible uprising of slaves or northern states. Our first and more important constitutional right to safety and free assembly must be factored in for all laws.

Donald Moeller
Professor Emeritus, Theology, St. Ambrose University, Davenport

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