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To the Editor:

There is a good deal of talk about choice when it comes to abortion. The reality is that abortion is unnecessary if choice is really the issue. The choice that solves the problem is the one that should happen when two people decide whether to have intercourse. We are thinking beings rather than beings that need to have instant gratification.

Choice should happen when there is still a choice and not at the expense of a developing child. A natural method approach makes it possible to give in to desire for most of a month. It can also allow couples to plan for an addition to the family. We all spend time learning about our jobs and about political issues. We can certainly spend time learning about methods that can save lives.

Children must be protected at birth and beyond. They must be protected from poverty, hunger, school shootings and a host of other problems. Are anti-abortion politicians willing to take on that mantle of protection for children? Life must be protected for a lifetime.


What if politicians and others were willing to fund adoption at a national level? Many couples desire to adopt a child but may need support to do so.

The baby formula shortage is another choice issue. If nursing truly is not possible, mothers may be able to turn to a program in which nursing mothers donate milk to those in need. There is no healthier milk than that from a mother!
I don’t think for a moment that these are simple problems with simple solutions. I believe we can do much better by choosing life over abortion. We have choices and those choices begin when two consenting adults put off their own desires for at least a short time each month so that abortion is unnecessary as a choice.

Richard Hanzelka

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