Writer’s letter on abortion “is flawed”


To the Editor:

I respect Deacon Art Donart’s service to the church and his service to the public in elective office.

However, his analysis of abortion (The Catholic Messenger, 7-29-21, “A Catholic politician’s perspective”) is flawed.

Roe v. Wade did not legalize abortion on the basis of freedom of religion under the First Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court found an implied right to privacy in the Constitution. The ruling set up trimesters for pregnancy and limited abortion regulations and bans based on viability.


We who are pro-life think that the Supreme Court got it wrong by creating a right out of thin air. The issue should be handled by the people’s representatives, not the courts.

No one, regardless of religious beliefs, has the right to end the life of an unborn child, except in rare circumstances. The unborn child has a complete set of DNA, a sex and a blood type — independent of the mother. Developing organs and the ability to feel pain soon follow. How can those who claim to make public policy based on science deny the humanity of the unborn?

Maybe Roe will never be overturned. Maybe if abortion becomes a matter for the states to handle, abortion will remain legal in most states. Maybe some states will outlaw abortion, but allow it if a health care professional attests that a woman will seek an abortion by means potentially harmful to herself. Certainly, one dead person in an abortion is enough.

I understand that such compromises will not satisfy the pro-life side and will be resented by abortion advocates. However, I hope that my comments are received in the same spirit of understanding evident in Deacon Donart’s letter.

Mike Streb
Iowa City

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