Iowa and Iowans are not racist


To the Editor:

In your Catholic Messenger editorial of June 24 (“A journey begins with the first step”), how is it hurtful and harmful to:

• Ban teaching that one race is superior to another?

• ban people from saying that Iowa is fundamentally racist or sexist?


• ban people from saying that a person is inherently racist or sexist?

• ban people from saying that one is oppressive based on his race or sex?

• ban race or sex scapegoating or stereotyping?

• ban anyone from saying that an individual should bear responsibility for actions committed in the past?

I also believe parents should have the right to open enroll their children where they think they will receive the best education. Why wouldn’t proponents of private, Catholic education want this?
As to “election restrictions,” the legislators are merely being pro-active in protecting the integrity of our elections. Anyone who wants to legally vote has more than enough time and opportunity to do so.

Ingrid Waters

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