Assessing presidential candidates


To the Editor:

In response to the Aug. 20 letter to the editor, “Consider presidential candidates,” I question whether we should judge a candidate’s truthfulness based upon biased reporting in the media and statements by political parties.  Instead, shouldn’t we judge a presidential candidate’s dedication to our nation by what they have worked to do and have accomplished for our nation while in office?

Our heavenly Father has used many flawed people throughout history to accomplish his will. Rather than judging candidates by what you hear in all the political noise, look at moral truths … all human life is sacred (from conception until natural death) … we are all created equal … religious freedom is our right … we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Turn to the words of the great saints of our time … Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and others for guidance about the critical moral issues of our time.  Assess which candidates act in accordance with the teachings of our faith. Explore which party’s platform is more in agreement with what we profess.


I encourage prayer to Mary, the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the United States, for an election result according to her divine Son’s holy will.

Pray.  May God bless our nation.

Debi Olson


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1 thought on “Assessing presidential candidates

  1. Don’t let anyone prompt you to question your own ability to judge candidates on what they do and what they say. Contrary to what the Sept 24th letter “Assessing presidential candidates” implies, there’s plenty of credible information to use to cut through the “noise”, including the candidates’ own words and actions. What’s more, the letter’s assertion that there is a particular “election result according to [Jesus’] holy will” could easily be interpreted as a ploy to get people to question their own judgment and a “Hail Mary” preemptive strike, attempting to discredit the election result if necessary. I trust the letter writer had neither in mind, but I prefer to pray that my fellow Iowans realize they have a voice – and will choose to fight against voter suppression and honor the election outcome.

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