On the topic of race


To the editor:

Finish each of the statements below with one of the following:
a. white b. black c. either one, it makes no difference

1. If I were driving a vehicle in a town or city at night, I would rather be
2. If I wanted to purchase a house or rent an apartment, I would rather be
3. If I were on trial for a crime, I would rather be
4. If I were protesting at a rally, I would rather be
5. If I were running for a political office, I would rather be
6. If I were applying for a job, I would rather be
7. If I wanted to start a business, I would rather be
8. If I wanted to obtain a personal or business loan, I would rather be
9. If I were shopping in a store, I would rather be
10. If I were walking on a sidewalk or in a city park, I would rather be
11. If the house next to me was for sale, I would prefer that the new owner be
12. I would prefer that the person sitting next to me in a movie theater or an athletic event be

I believe that unless or until the average person can honestly answer “c” instead of “a” to most of these questions, our society will continue to have serious problems regarding race. Now, if we all just followed the fundamental law which Christ himself gave us, racism would melt away. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Joe Gross

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