No room for racism


To the Editor:

As we go through an enhanced period of explicit racism from some leaders in our governments, it may help to remind ourselves: Jesus was probably very dark skinned, that we all have come out of Africa and that the central demand of our belief is to love our neighbor (every human) as ourselves.

Some religious persons unreflectively think their whiteness means they are better than their fellow black or brown citizens. A possible carryover from erroneous readings of the Bible, especially in evangelical circles. Some politicians have tapped into this dreadful and often unrecognized or not admitted view.

In Catholicism, there is according to the last four popes and the Catechism no room for racism. It is simply a matter of a very serious nature, which we might have called mortal sin in the past.


So say the Catholic bishops in their guide for voting, as I hear them. Period.

Don Moeller

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