Pro-life means pro-life


To the Editor:

As political activity increases, one thing needs to be clear: pro-life really does mean PRO-LIFE in all its forms. As an anti-abortion and pro-life supporter, I am concerned about politicians and others who have selected anti-abortion as part of an a la carte menu.

Anti-abortion advocacy must be accompanied by a pro-life stance that prioritizes all life. One can’t be anti-abortion without being an advocate for the poor, the hungry, the immigrant, the elderly and others who need help to stay alive. If those pro-life priorities are not included in “anti-abortion” advocacy then the result is a hypocritical stance on abortion to sway voters to see a politician as one who somehow supports life.

Too often, the attitude is anti-life: we can’t help any more people because our country doesn’t have the money or because our country is full. Neither statement is true. Each life from conception to death is sacred and holy. Let’s convince politicians and those around us of that fact. Selecting the anti-abortion phrase from a menu must be replaced by pro-life efforts that really matter. Raising the anti-abortion flag without a full foundation of PRO-LIFE support is dishonest.


Please vote for candidates who understand the full range of what they mean. Ask the hard questions that can’t be answered by the simple comment, “I am anti-abortion and those other people who are running are not.”

Of course, we must ask the pro-abortion folks the same questions. How can you be pro-abortion and be taken seriously when you say you support the poor, the hungry, the immigrant, the elderly and others in the world who need help to stay alive? To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, a life is a Life no matter how small! Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Richard Hanzelka

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