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To the Editor:

In a Sept. 26 letter to the editor, Don Moeller points out what he sees as the many evils of the current federal administration, including support of capital punishment. He then asserts that those who support or voted for the current administration overlook these evils, and are more interested in increasing their wealth, justifying their vote with hypocritical words about opposing abortion to make themselves feel good.

I think it is unfair to make these assumptions. Voting, for me, is always a very difficult thing.  I don’t feel like I can support a candidate who supports abortion, but I also don’t support capital punishment. I feel strongly about helping the poor, but I also see the importance of personal and fiscal responsibility.

Each of us has to make a personal decision about all of these issues, balancing the good and the evil. Sometimes a vote for something good may inadvertently be a vote for something evil. That does not mean that we overlook those evils and it does not mean that we can’t do things in our communities to address those evils. Rather than trying to convince each other that we are voting wrong, maybe we should try to find the good behind everyone’s decision and work together to get us all through the “eye of the needle.”


Julie Zude

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