Execution is immoral


To the Editor:
The return to the barbaric and immoral practice of execution by the federal government at the order of the current administration again raises serious questions about the politics of Christians. Killing by execution, explicit racial slurs, daily lies, bragging about sexual abuse of women, separating children from parents and putting refugees in cages would usually make nearly any Christian feel an obligation to speak out against such evil or recognize that not to do so is to be complicit in that evil.
Yet we see many Christians, Catholics (I am one), Evangelicals or mainstream Protestants, overlooking this evil. The question is why? Making a god out of money is one possible answer — “my 401K is doing very well.” Some hypocritical words about opposing abortion seems to satisfy a few. Obviously opposing abortion is a value; but it costs nothing for most of us and is often just a way to feel good about being better than those “sinners.”
It is time to point out vigorously such hypocrisy. Love of God means love of neighbor. None of the behavior described above can meet that main and first tenet of Christianity or get a person through the “eye of a needle.”
Don Moeller


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