The slippery slope of abortion


To the Editor:

New York recently passed a bill allowing abortion up to the moment of birth; Rhode Island and Virginia seem to be close behind. The argument no longer focuses on whether or not the fetus is a human being (human status is now acknowledged); it all is linked now to desirability of the child.

Annually there is a global holocaust of the most innocent among us at a rate that dwarfs Nazi Germany. In Nazi Germany the message was that certain people had no value to society. Now society is saying that the child in his or her mother’s womb should not be born.

By liberal thought, gun violence is an epidemic. By liberal thought, violence against women, certain races and sexual identity is an epidemic. What the liberal thought is missing is that all of this begins with abortion. The Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion 46 years ago is now expanding in the name of empowering women. Soon, euthanasia of the elderly and those in ill health will follow; it is inevitable.


You see, when we devalue any part of the human race as non-essential and expendable through evil logic we devalue all human life regardless of its stage. Human life is sacred — in all stages and variations. Until we, as a society and government, acknowledge this we are doomed to continue on this slippery slope that will rob humanity of its potential.

Paul Falck

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