Mother does not have right to kill unborn


To the Editor:

Pro-choice advocates claim that a woman has the right to have control (dominion) over her own body, giving her the right to kill her unborn baby (a separate human life) by abortion.

They are attempting to claim dominion over another human life, which was never granted by God. Genesis 1:26-31 declared that a human being has no dominion over another human life. Exodus 20:13 tells us: “You shall not kill.”

God’s commandment was not new when given to Moses. It is confirmation of the truth from the beginning. A human being has no dominion over another human life, no right to take life away, no right to kill. That includes a baby in the mother’s womb. This is the light and truth of the holy Scriptures.


Even from a scientific, biological truth, the baby has its own DNA that is 100 percent unique and separate from the mother. A baby is not just a part of a woman’s body but a new, separate human life of which the mother does not have dominion (the right to kill, abort the child by choice).

Human beings have dominion over lesser life forms, insects, animals and livestock, fish and so on; but not dominion over one another. The dominion written of in Genesis is like a constant of the universe. It cannot be altered or changed. God set dominion from the beginning, the Alpha.

The Omega is the call to repentance and reconciliation through our Lord, Jesus Christ: the Alpha and the Omega.

Joseph Provencial

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