Modest clothing needed


To the Editor:

Dear Editor and readers, I am very dedicated to trying to convert the young students into dressing more modestly. I am referring to wearing mini-skirts, micro-mini-skirts and tight yoga pants that reveal what I call nearly all of your private parts.

As I was preparing to write this, it occurred to me that it is not the students that need encouragement for modesty. It is the parents and teachers who need to change first.

As long as anyone gives the example that it is OK, then nothing will change. I remember a few years ago when the principal of Pekin school near Richland got up during an assembly and asked, “Do you want to see my belly button?” And he got a loud “no” from the students. Then he said, “Then why do you think I want to see yours? So please don’t wear those (revealing) clothes again!”


Please give those immodest clothes away to someone much smaller.

Doris Mineart

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