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To the Editor:

I am a practicing Catholic that has been steadfast in my faith and church attendance despite the cover up of sexual abuse by the leaders of the church. The article in the Sept. 13, 2018, Catholic Messenger titled: “Nuns on the Bus” has me beyond IRATE.

I retired this year in September and my wife retired earlier in the year. We are not rich. We are retirees and that difference between taking money out of our savings and receiving money is huge. It will be huge for many people like us. I guess the nuns would rather have us pay out of savings and be hurt in retirement.

Income disparity has always been in existence; it will never change. There are very rich Chinese while others do not have enough to live on and that is a communist state. The difference between here and there is that if you complain there, they make you disappear. There is income and wealth disparity in socialist states.


I go to church to live my faith. I go to church so for that short time in my week I give praise to the Holy Trinity.

I do not want any Catholic religious person to be involved in politics.

If the nuns want to do some good, go to places like south Chicago and try to help stop the slaughter that goes on in the area.

We care more about people escaping violence in other countries where the government is complicit and less about the violence in this country.

Nicholas Berry

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