Happy posole and tamale season!

Anne Marie Amacher
Father Guillermo Trevino takes a tamale made by members of the Hispanic community for the reception following the Vespers service for then Bishop-elect Thomas Zinkula in 2017.

By Fr. Bernie Weir

Some people call it the Advent season, which begins Dec. 2. Others say it is the Christmas season, which begins with the Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve. But depending on who you talk to, the most important season of the year has begun. It is Pozole and Tamale Season. Pozole is a soup made with pork or chicken and hominy (grits).

When we get a call in the office and someone says, “I am making tamales, would you like some? I have pork and chicken.” My heart skips a beat and I say, “I will take six pork and six chicken.” I can’t get anything else done that morning until a bag of hot, fresh tamales arrives and I can close my office door and eat a couple of them.

During this time of year I almost want to say, “Happy Pozole and Tamale Season” instead of “Merry Christmas or Blessed Advent.”
The Posadas start on Dec. 16 and the Pozole starts arriving. Las Posadas are a nine-day novena remembering the birth of Christ. After the third or fourth night in a row, someone will say, “Pozole again.” I stand there and say, “Alright, Pozole again.” I love Pozole and Tamale Season. It is the best time of the year.


Over the next months, various traditions and cultures will celebrate the birth of Christ in so many different ways with so many different kinds of food. The question isn’t, “Do we have tamales for Christmas or turkey?” The question is, “Will our traditions and culture help to bring Christ to others?”

It doesn’t make a difference if you open gifts on Dec. 24th or the 25th. It doesn’t make a difference if you say Feliz Navidad or Merry Christmas. All that makes a difference is whether others see Christ in your heart and soul.

The Diocese of Davenport has set out on Vision 20/20. It is everyone’s hope that a renewed sense of evangelization will take root in our hearts and we will proclaim Christ boldly. With our hearts renewed by the Joy of the Gospel and the love of Christ, our humble presence in the hands of Christ will boldly proclaim the love of Christ to the young, the old and everyone in between.

Join your parish and the diocese in our renewal, Vision 20/20, and watch your parish, your town and the world change. Proclaim Christ boldly.

Here’s wishing you a “Happy Pozole and Tamale Season.”

(Father Bernie Weir is pastor of St. James Parish in Washington.)

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