To the Editor:

I do not accept the accusation that I prefer gun massacre to more gun control. Gun massacres are NOT accidents.

Automobile accidents are caused by driver or mechanical failure. Laws help prevent such accidents. People driving cars rarely commit murder; people using guns commit premeditated murder. Accidents with guns are quite rare. It is foolish to believe that any law will prevent premeditated murder. Rather, it is our culture of death that must be reversed before America becomes “The French Revolution.”

The Declaration of Independence defined us as a Christian nation. The constitutions of all 50 states recognize dependence upon God.
While love cannot be legislated into anyone’s heart, we work hard to legislate love out of people’s hearts. We have carefully removed most of the 10 suggestions from our life. Sodomy is now OK; lying is OK; murder is OK; coveting is OK, and same-sex marriage is OK.


Then, by law, we increase the difficulty of teaching Christian values. Quoting Bible verses has been labeled hate speech; ministers are muzzled; cake bakers destroyed, and everyone except the atheist is silenced by political correctness. Our youths are insulated from thought or debate by learning what to think not how. Discussions are disrupted or safe places created to protect against disagreeable thoughts.

Mrs. Ronald H. Johnson (Ruth)

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