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To the Editor:

I wanted to write to you with a suggestion for The Catholic Messenger. I was wondering if it would be possible to print the Lent (and Advent) reconciliation services in The Messenger for the diocese. Being originally from another diocese that had offered reconciliation at much more convenient times, I was used to being able to go any day of the week if I needed to.

As I have become more acclimated to this area, the one thing that I still struggle with is remembering to go to reconciliation on Saturdays. So, knowing when the offerings are during Lent and Advent in the diocese would be wonderful. I cannot think of any other place that this would be more readily seen for the benefit of all than in The Messenger. This was something that was included in the Catholic paper in the other two dioceses where I lived.

I know it might be too late for this Lent, although it would still be great to have that information published in the next Messenger if reconciliation times are available. I thought I would email while I was thinking of it so perhaps this could become a feature in the future. After all, if you can have all the fish fries published, wouldn’t it be infinitely superior to have all the reconciliation services published? Perhaps you could publish articles on the power of the sacrament, and how to go about receiving it, even if it has been a long time.  Thanks for your time and consideration.


Jenny Nansel, 6-12 religion teacher
Prince of Peace Catholic School, Clinton

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