Dignity and respect for all


To the Editor:
Banning transgendered folk from the military is one more attempt to instill fear and hatred of “the other” by a dictatorial president.
Just as Jews in Nazi Germany were a numerical minority, the targets of our president’s disdain emerge: undocumented neighbors, to name just one other.
How to speak of this? A march, a rally, an entry in a personal journal, letters to the editor and to Congress; all these traditional modes of expression are encompassed by our Constitution. Let us welcome them into our moral sense.
The time of silence is the time of conversion into “Good Germans.”
Speak every day, especially to the children, especially to the issue of dignity and respect and with hard hope for the “tired and the poor.”
Prayers are needed as well, but even monastics sing at daybreak. Speak out; speak out now, before we let our apathy and hatred consume us.
Clara Oleson
West Branch

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