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To the Editor:

Yes, just one Tomahawk Missile cost over a $1 million! So, multiply that by 59 and you can see my logic in mailing President Trump a new, gold-leafed “Shorter Christian Prayer” book, along with a request to tithe some of our government funds on a “Liturgy of the Hours Tomahawk Mission!”

In my letter, I point out to the president that a tithe of $1 million will enable me to purchase over 50,000 of these prayer books that I could mail around the world to military chaplains, and use here in our parishes in Iowa. I recall the teaching of Isaiah 55:11 where God says, “My word which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me void, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”

More than 2,000 year ago, the Jewish temple leaders at the time of Jesus, and earlier, had a vision that it is vitally important to praise God with psalms and canticles of praise in the morning, midday and evening.


The Catholic Church has followed this vision devotedly in the past two millenniums!

As I compare this mission with Tomahawks, I see it as an explosion of knowledge and praise! So, closer to home, I am pledging to help purchase 1,000 of these potent prayer books, the gold-leafed “Shorter Christian Prayer” for use in more than 80 parishes in the Davenport Diocese.

I am pledging to make these beautiful family prayer books available for 50 percent reduction to churches and parishes! Join me in this mission at kneemillerw@diodav.org.

Fr. Bill Kneemiller


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