What’s on your mind? An invitation to tell us your thoughts on The Catholic Messenger


Dear Readers,

I would like to invite you to participate in a conversation about The Catholic Messenger this summer. During these conversations, or focus groups (one in each of the six regions of the Davenport Diocese), you will have an opportunity to share your opinion about our weekly diocesan newspaper. Talk about what issues are important to you and how you think The Catholic Messenger can address them. What is The Catholic Messenger doing right? In what areas could The Messenger do better?

Lindsay Steele Bishop Martin Amos encourages everyone to read The Catholic Messenger, the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Davenport, of which he is publisher. The cost of $29 for a year’s subscription in the diocese (for the print, E-edition or both) is a worthy investment, the bishop says. The paper provides local, national and world news.
Lindsay Steele
Bishop Martin Amos and employees at the St. Vincent Center read The Catholic Messenger in this file photo.

Bishop Martin Amos, the newspaper’s publisher, says that “The Catholic Messenger is very important to me as a way to communicate with the people of the Diocese of Davenport. The focus groups are a way to make the paper even better and to ever more meet the needs of those we serve.”
“The Catholic Messenger is fortunate to have such loyal and engaged readers,” says Terry Wilson, who serves on the newspaper’s board of directors. “While we share information with our readers every week through the news and stories we publish, we seldom have the opportunity to interact with them through a give and take conversation.

“These focus groups will provide us with that gift,” Wilson continued. “The groups will be fun, and easy to be a part of. We’re hoping to hear positive comments that affirm the work we’re doing, as well as listening to your differing points of view. We’ll also be interested in hearing any negative comments, since these can sometimes be helpful in the future content decisions we make.”


Each focus group session will last just an hour and will be held on a late afternoon or early evening beginning in June in a convenient location. Time, date and location are still being decided, but one focus group will be held in each of the six regions, depending on participation levels: Clinton Deanery, Davenport Deanery, Grinnell Deanery, Iowa City Deanery, Keokuk Deanery and the Ottumwa Deanery.

If you’d like to participate, or would like more information, please contact Joe Kehoe, our marketing consultant, at KehoeJosephL@sau.edu. (Please put CM Study in the subject line.) Kehoe has years of marketing experience and also teaches at St. Ambrose University in Davenport. You can also contact me at arland-fye@davenportdiocese.org or at (563) 888-4246.

We hope you will consider participating in one of these focus groups. They are a first step in an important process as The Catholic Messenger strives to be­come even more relevant and important in the lives of all Catholics in the Diocese of Davenport.


Barb Arland-Fye, Editor

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