Uncivil tones are on both sides


To the Editor,
I’d like to respond to the letter to the editor, in the Feb. 4 issue of The Catholic Messenger, regarding the uncivil tone people have taken these days. I agree completely that people have fallen into insults and mockery, especially in comment boxes. It is sad to read these types of things written, especially, as Ms. Callahan writes, from our fellow Catholics in various blogs and publications. The letter goes on to list “many of the high profile conservative Catholic blogs.” As a reader of one of them, and avoider of others, I feel I must make a point of defense.
While I respect, and agree with, what Ms. Callahan says about uncivil language, I would like to point out that she fails to mention that this comes from the other side of the coin as well. I will say that I have seen much of the same, in fact much worse, coming from, if we must use labels, “liberal” publications and blogs. I will not name names, but there are Catholic publications and comment boxes that use far worse language than I’ve ever seen on Fr. Z’s blog, vile and hateful comments written which, as Ms. Callahan wrote, “particularly target many of the bishops and cardinals, and are no fans of the pope” as well as past popes.
I believe the first step to ending our difficulties dealing with one another is to admit that we all fall short of treating one another as the children of God that we are, as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Michelle Snyder
Richland, IA

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