Show some compassion


To the Editor:
I find it difficult to believe that certain politicians can attend a prayer breakfast and crow about their Christian bona fides then turn around and completely ignore Matt. 25:33-46. I think it is insane to keep thousands of Syrian refugees out of our country because one might be an enemy. Politicians fanning fear to get elected is despicable.
Who knows more about Syria than the Syrian refugees? We need them. What better way to fight the ISIS ideology than a genuinely American ideology? A few-thousand people travel to Syria to join ISIS; hundreds of thousands flee to Europe and, if the President can prevail, to the USA. Isn’t that testimony to Western values? They are voting with their feet.
There is no such thing as “cheap grace.” If the Christian community is serious about following Christ, it will rise up in defense of “the least of these, our brothers and sisters.”
(Deacon) Art Donart, (ret.)
Thomson, Illinois

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