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To the Editor:
There can be no Christian kindness if one does not speak the truth. Non-thinking political correctness is seldom speaking the truth. Hold fast to Christian beliefs based on conscientious study of the Bible, the magisterium, papal encyclicals and church teaching.
While Jesus did overturn the temple tables, one should usually attempt to speak gently, honestly, firmly and courageously in the face of a society that is losing its work ethic, a society that is rapidly returning to pre-Christian pagan self-gratification. Morality seems to have become a strong biblical notion that is politically incorrect. One is not to mention the 10 Commandments or quote the Bible. To attempt to actually live by those stands labels one a fool.
Freedom of speech is rapidly being taken away under the guise of political correctness or hate speech. However, it is still a Christian responsibility to speak the truth as we see it. It is not our responsibility to demand that everyone accepts these beliefs. We are only to plant the seeds and walk the walk. The rest is in God’s hands.
To suggest that we must stoop to political correctness in order to avoid rude, insensitive, offensive or disrespectful language is fleeing from the very foundation of what it means to be Christian.
We are making it more and more difficult for those in our society who wish to follow a moral code of living. This difficulty is being fueled by the non-thinking political correctness which is forcing acceptance of immorality. Such force was never mean to be a part of what was once a Christian society.
Truth is truth whether one chooses to believe it or not. It is our job to learn to act, to speak and to live in truth and love, which is Christian kindness.
Ruth Johnson

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