Church treatment of LGBT members


To the Editor:
The story goes that St. Francis took one of his companions to give a sermon in the local town. They went and walked around the town square and then back home. The companion noted that they did not give a sermon. St. Francis replied that they did and that sometimes actions speak louder than words.
Now, in consideration of Clara Olsen’s concern of how the church will treat the LGBT members (The Catholic Messenger, July 9), I wish to note that as long as a member of the LGBT community is recovering from the sin of sexual relations between two people of the same sex and not engaged in such activity, the church will treat them the same as us other sinners. Actions are important in the Catholic faith and it is not just by faith alone as some erroneously believe.
So, whether it is bank robbing, adultery, gluttony, abortion or sodomy, one must resist the sin and ask for the grace of God to overcome it. For the grace of Christ is sufficient to overcome sin and attain eternal life, IF one will repent and ask. And no majority of public opinion or any esteemed public figure or surpreme court has the power to change God’s Ten Commandments.
So in answer to Clara’s last question of WWJD, I reply in the words of Christ to Mary Magdalene: “Go and sin no more.”
Bill Grothus

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