Income inequality grows


To the Editor:
Income inequality keeps growing. This is not late-breaking news, nor is there a lack of credible sources to document this injustice or its impact on the middle class and working poor.
You, the voter, can do something to close the gap. In this election cycle, each person has the power of their vote to exert their influence. Turn off the political ads on television. Take time to research candidates’ positions from a variety of credible sources, i.e. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, local newspaper coverage. A candidate’s position on economic policies can change income inequality – for the better or the worse.
What are the candidates’ positions on raising the minimum wage and investing in education and infrastructure? What about paying a just wage, supporting the right of workers to organize, preventing wage theft, and advocating for good working conditions, all to promote economic growth for the middle class and the working poor?
Income inequality has been a trend for decades. It won’t go away on its own. Use the power of your vote to support candidates committed to closing the gap.
Mary Orr


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