The right way to become a citizen


To the Editor:
The key to American immigration success since the founding of the United States has been the assimilation of “newcomers” to our culture, values and principles. The objective has been for immigrants to become legal and equal to all American citizens.
Individuals have a right to leave their country, but do not have the right to immigrate to our county without the consent of the American people. This is expressed through the laws of the United States. Failing to do so is not acceptable.
Without this happening, the United States is destined to deteriorate into being multiple nations within our borders. Our historical objective has always been to remain one nation comprised of many peoples. If we fail on this score, immigrants will not be good for the nation.
The founders of the United States recognized that immigration would bring diversity of beliefs and talents to America. However, they also clearly understood that a unity of principles was absolutely necessary to assimilate new citizens and maintain one nation.
In its simplest form, immigrants must get assimilated to our language, customs and laws. Simply said, become American.
John Ortega

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