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Scripture Reading Reflection
by Fr. Andrew Kelly
In Sunday’s gospel (Matthew 13:44-52) the risen Jesus asks the believing community: “Have you understood all this?” To understand in the biblical sense means the community hears and sees with its soul’s inner ears and eyes the meaning of Jesus’ parables.
Is the community joyfully and radically committed to Jesus Christ’s person, message and mission as symbolized by the “treasure hidden in the field” and the “one pearl of great price?” So committed so as to dispossess itself of every asset for the sake of the treasure/pearl Jesus Christ?
Once the community truly “understands” at the soul level, the community becomes the scribe so highly praised by Jesus in Sunday’s Gospel.
Why? Because the scribe (the community) knows how to take the ancient Scriptures (“what is old”) and reinterpret, apply and give meaning (“what is new”) to the Scriptures so people today will also come to understand at the soul level Jesus Christ’s person, message and mission.
If the community is so radically joyful in its commitment to its “hidden treasure” and its “one pearl of great price” a real miracle may occur. Others may begin to take notice and maybe even want to join in the joy and commitment.
(Father Andrew Kelly is a retired priest of the Diocese of Davenport.)

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