Guns are not evil


To the Editor:
Only a small portion of the geography of this country has police protection that means anything. I know the rural area I live in has at least a 20- to 30-minute response time.
You can find passages in the Bible or liberal judges to prove about anything you want. If you make the case that only formal militia should be armed, then not only should we disarm the citizenry, we should disarm the police.
The Gospel of John tells of the night in the garden where Simon Peter draws his sword and severed the ear of the high priest’s slave. Jesus told him to sheath his sword as it was now his time. Two points: one, it does appear that our Lord and Savior had no problem with his disciples being armed for personal protection. Two, he did not admonish (Simon Peter) for what he had done; he only commented that he should let it go as it was his time. The Gospels also tell us Jesus said “I did not come to bring peace.”
I personally find it the height of hypocrisy to say that guns are evil, yet “I would call 911 if I saw someone needs help or a child is in danger.” That simply says “I live in fear, so I would expect someone else to come with a gun and put themselves in harm’s way on my behalf.”
John 15:13 tells us that there is no greater love than the man who lays his life down for his fellow man. I believe he meant protecting them, not suicide.
Joe Welsh

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