No to global water coordinator


To the Editor:
Compassion was my first response to your (Persons column, March 20) concerning bill H.R. 2901. Re-reading it, my internal alarms went off. H.R. 2901 calls for a “global” water coordinator to coordinate and oversee water, sanitation and hygiene assistance and through a water resource special advisor to develop a “global” water resource strategy relating to U.S. foreign policy objectives. Really? Objective to whom and what’s the purpose?
Military objectives are prone to change like the spring breeze! This is a huge power grab. To control my right to use of water by a global water coordinator? Beware; absolute power corrupts absolutely! World control over water would be control over all the world’s commerce and people! Water is life.
Our citizens would be the first to be forced into compliance. Ask California farmers whose water has been diverted how that’s going for them right now. Tugging at our sympathies, saying there is a “disproportionate impact on women and children throughout the world” distracts us from the underlying realities of this “global” initiative.
This “coordinator” would hold life in (his or her) hands; freedom of movement, relocation and land use would be under this authority. As a global coordinator, how will this individual decide if water is to be diverted from one area to another? Groups of people living in arid lands would be encouraged, possibly by force, to leave ancestral homelands; after all, we have their “best interests at heart,” right?
Water could be used as a greater weapon than any armament currently used by one group over another. This must be on a smaller scale, people by people, and U.S. foreign policy objectives not be used as its cover.
Instead, look at the wonderful success of organizations such as Mary’s Meals to provide food, clean water and education and replicate them; ditch HR 2901.

Holly Martin


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